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My name is Faith Ashenden, and I am the face behind That Healing Feeling. I am 20-something year old  social media advocate, blogger, and speaker who is passionate about patient advocacy, holistic healing, and wellness. My background is in grassroots, “get your hands dirty” start up launching and tech global marketing. It was the flare of a chronic condition that forced me on medical leave. During this year of bedrest, I began to seek alternative methods of healing as I found that the traditional healthcare system wasn’t set up to support me. When I became aware of the amount of people suffering just like me, I decided to quit my job and go full time on That Healing Feeling so that I could help others heal.

I share my journey of holistically healing myself with a functional approach and a focus on healing foods, supplements, clean products, fitness, mindfulness, and community. My goal is to encourage and inspire people to take control of their lives and ultimately, their healing - mind, body, and spirit.


yoga pose


What kind of doctors do you currently work with?

I work with an Osteopath for Graves disease management and my supplement regulation, and OBGYN for hormonal regulation, a dermatologist for acne scar healing and anti-aging, a cardiologist to manage my familial hypercholesterolemia, and functional medicine doctor for whole body healing. My doctors are posted on the site for your reference if you are local in the Austin area.


How often do you exercise and what kind of exercise do you do?

Exercise is essential for me to feel good, so I try and do some sort of exercise everyday. If I am having a good week, I will switch between cardio and resistance training. I usually do yoga at least twice a week. If I am having a week where I am really fatigued, I will do yoga most days. I try to listen to my body as much as possible and use that as the deciding factor for what I will do that day.


Where do you grocery shop?

I try and keep my big weekly shop to Trader Joe’s at the Seaholm Power Plant in downtown Austin. It is really cost effective when you are buying organic produce in bulk like I am. For specialty items I go to Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, or Wheatsville.


What dietary restrictions to you adhere to to help with thyroid disease?

I’m always kind of experimenting with this and trying to find new ways to continue to support my gut health, clear skin, and decreased inflammation. However, currently I do try and eat whole foods as much as possible, rarely eating processed foods throughout my week. I stick to organic, and I don’t eat dairy, soy, grains, and very little gluten. If I eat meat, it usually is in the form of really clean, organic chicken or steak.


So, what's next?

Now that you know a little bit more about who I am and what I'm about, head over to my blog to gain a little perspective as to how I approach wellness and the pursuit of a balanced life.

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