The Faith Method

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This e-book is my tried and true method that actually WORKS. It is the culmination of 100’s of doctors appointments, rigorous backend admin, and years of trial and error.

If you know that you’ve tried everything in the book and you are still struggling to use that appointment to get to the root cause of your problems, and you feel like you are still bandaging symptoms, or even just remaining confused about whether or not your diagnosis is correct, then this e-book is for you.

It includes..

  • A comprehensive and thorough breakdown of the preparation and follow-up processes for doctors’ appointments
  • An “in real time” structure for conducting your doctors’ appointments
  • A checklist with everything you need to have ready before your appointments
  • Prompts and exercises to empower you with the skills to make my Method part of your process moving forward
  • Actionable and practical tools to address common fears and concerns


You will become empowered with the right questions to ask, specific benchmarks to measure your success, and you will be given the confidence you need to take ownership of your healing.

Purchasing this e-book is a reminder to yourself that you are worth the advocacy, self-love, and compassion that you need to heal.

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5 reviews for The Faith Method

  1. I really enjoyed this guide. Doctor’s appointments are so important, but can be extremely overwhelming! Faith gives us a great blueprint to help bypass that overwhelm and get down to business. By taking us through a step-by-step preparation process, we can see possible connections and even causations which may be useful to clinician and client. Although there are multiple steps in preparation, Faith does a great job of simplifying this complex process. This places the power back into the patient’s hands and is a good reminder that our doctors are there to work for us, but it is up to us to bring them the information needed to achieve this. Although this guide is written from the viewpoint of functional and integrative medicine, Faith assists the reader in tailoring her tips to meet the unique needs of each individual patient.

    I would strongly recommend this patient empowering e-book to anyone with an important upcoming appointment, and to those who suffer from pre-appointment overwhelm.

  2. The Faith Method is extremely helpful for anyone who is suffering from a chronic illness, trying to piece together unexplained medical symptoms, attending several doctor’s appointments, experiences anxiety surrounding doctor’s appointments or simply just wants to stay organized and make the most of their appointments!
    My favorite thing about this guide is that Faith makes you feel like you are not alone in this process, which is comforting, considering dealing with these types of issues can feel very isolating.
    I also like that Faith takes a holistic approach, providing a list of questions to answer prior to each appointment, which can help doctors gain information to questions they may have never asked but could be very relevant to the symptoms experienced.
    This guide is very empowering because it helps the reader outline the symptoms they are struggling with the most and set goals for the future. It is very concise and organized and I wish I had a guide like this sooner!

  3. I love Faith’s approach to wellness. Not only does she focus on getting to the root cause of the issue, but she understand that everyone’s bodies are different, and no two people’s stories are going to be the same. Healing chronic illness can be completely terrifying and intimidating, and I love having Faith/using her e-book as a resource. I wish she could personally come to all of my doctor’s appointments with me, but now having this book as a guide is beyond helpful. I just wish I had it sooner!!

    Thank you, Faith!

  4. I can’t wait to use The Faith Method to prepare for my next doctor’s appointment. We so often rely on our doctors to be all knowing, assume they will ask the right questions and order the appropriate tests.

    This ebook teaches us how important it is to act as an empowered partner in our own healthcare. To get the most accurate diagnosis and effective tretaments, it is imperative that we as patients help guide the appointment and make sure that our main concerns are addressed.

    In the past, I thought I had prepared well by simply jotting down a few questions I hoped to have answered. By the end of the visit, I felt my questions had been brushed over and important issues and symptoms were not given priority.

    Faith’s ebook not only explains why we need to take control but provides step by step instructions on how to prepare for appointments, how to prioritize concerns during the visit and how to handle follow-ups. Each piece of advice is actionable and measurable.

    One of worst experiences I’ve had at doctor’s appointment is having my concerns and symptoms dismissed ( “you’re exaggerating”) or chalked up to anxiety. I was so taken aback that I was not able to respond well in the moment and left the appointment feeling frustrated and wishing I had communicated better.
    Faith provides very specific suggestions on how to respond and phrases to use in situations like this. I absolutely love her suggestions and feel it will redirect the conversation back to the issues I feel are important.

    I am looking forward to implementing these strategies at my next appointment. I had been putting off scheduling another visit becasue I frankly felt angry that my concerns were not taken seriously. I am finally starting to feel well prepared and have a plan of how I will respond to any negative comments. I’m actually feeling optimistic about my next appointment thanks to this guide.

  5. Using this method really helped me to not only have all my ducks in a row to make my appointments more pivotal to my healing. But it also helped to shed light onto things I truly didnt think to take into account.
    I had never thought to look at the bigger pictures, nd no spoilers but a lot of other things she brought light to!. Being able to put everything down and be organized and to take away some of the fear of speaking to my doctor by making me feel empowered by being organized and prepared.
    This allowed me to pin point and explain to my doctor what was key to me and gave the appointment a focus point instead of just whatever came to mind at the time.
    I think if you have a chronic condition or not this is a good book to have to be able to feel empowered and confident to take control of your health and get the most from your time and your doctors. Going to be using this all the time.

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